NEXEDGE® uses the AMBE+2 Vocoder, a state-of-the-art voice digitization and compression technology offering enhanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) and noise reduction for superior clarity at varying signal strengths in all digital call features.


Loud & Clear – Thanks to Advanced Digital Processing

In analogue systems as the signal strength decreases in low-coverage areas, noise and dropouts increase, severely degrading intelligibility. However, with the NXDN™ digital system, which features enhanced Forward Error Correction (FEC), the digitized audio stream is less susceptible to noise. System operators converting from analog to NEXEDGE® typically comment that users now receive calls in areas that were out of range before. NXDN™ reduces lost or misinterpreted calls and the need for repeat calls, thus enhancing workforce productivity.




Superior Clarity with Extended Coverage

As RF signal strength weakens with distance, analog reception becomes increasingly noisy and intermittent. The low BER of NXDN™ improves reception in fringe areas, thereby effectively increasing range by as much as 20% over FM analog, resulting in a 50% increase in coverage area for digital 6.25 kHz.

Furthermore, even compared to digital 12.5 kHz bandwidth operation such as DMR, the narrower 6.25 kHz bandwidth enabled by the FDMA technology of NXDN™ extends range by 15%. Receiver filters are narrower and can thus reduce noise. The net result is superior clarity over a 30% wider coverage area.





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