NEXEDGE® systems use the NXDN™ digital air interface, as a suite of digital communications protocols using 4-Level FSK (4LFSK) modulation capable of operating in 12.5 kHz and 6.25 kHz bandwidths.

NEXEDGE® voice security enhances personnel safety, reduces risk and thwarts possible information breaches by protecting sensitive communications for your facilities and operations.


Spectrum Efficiency and Stability

The NXDN™ air interface is capable of fitting into both narrow 12.5 kHz and very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth channels. As well as meeting the tightest of spectrum efficiency requirements (occupied bandwidth: 9600 bps @ 8.3 kHz and 4800 bps @ 4 kHz, respectively), this exceeds all regulatory and emissions mask requirements in all bands.

NXDN™ 6.25 kHz bandwidth – offering high receiver sensitivity Compared with 12.5 kHz, both bandwidth and band-pass filters are narrower for 6.25 kHz mode, so noise is reduced. As a result, the carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) is improved, as is the bit error rate (BER). All of this contributes to raising receiver sensitivity, which in turn means an extended communications range and wider coverage.


Flexible Channelisation

NEXEDGE® equipment will program on any channel center or offset (2.5, 3.125, 5, 6.25, 7.5 kHz PLL channel steps), thus offering more potential to find frequencies. This is important where narrower channel migration is being enforced or there is a need to maximize the use of geographical licenses and employ split-channels where permitted.


Voice and Data Security



NEXEDGE® technology offers inherent security against casual electronic eavesdropping via its NXDN™ digital air interface. It also includes NXDN™ voice & data scrambling for security against external intrusion while providing confidentiality within the same system and talk group. IP links are further secured through encrypted VPN tunneling to authenticate and encrypt all inter-site communication.

Optional AES & DES encryption modules provide government/military-grade security against more sophisticated adversaries. If a module is installed in any other radio unit, the encryption keys are automatically erased. In addition, if more than 15 radio-password attempts are made, the module’s encryption keys are also erased, preserving the fleet’s secure voice integrity.


User Validation

All NEXEDGE® system configurations validate unit and group IDs for subscriber access. Commercial and private operators can easily activate and deactivate subscriber units via remote programming or system management software. This is ideal for organizations with frequent personnel changes, so radios can be used by contractors, vendors and seasonal/temp workers.


ESN Radio Validation

Each NEXEDGE® subscriber radio has a unique and unchangeable factory embedded Electronic Serial Number (ESN) that can be validated for trunked system access. In the event a radio is lost, stolen, or compromised, disabling the ESN will deny access while all other radios continue to communicate in their talk groups without disruption. The operator’s original ID numbering system is preserved because only one subscriber unit is disabled and talk groups shared by many users are unaffected.


Radio Password Protection

Each radio can have a required password to authorise operation, thus adding an extra level of security against unsanctioned radio use.





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